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Fish On the Move
Fish On the Move
Fish On the Move
Fish On the Move

Fish On the Move

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The story of the striped bass migration

By Jeremy & Jean Pallai

"Required reading material for young anglers-to-be." -- On The Water Magazine

Written specifically for young children, Fish On the Move outlines the migratory habits of Atlantic striped bass. Our next generation of fisherman follow this iconic fish up the east coast and back again, learning about the fish's origins, diet, and migratory habits along the way.

Whether you're an avid fisherman, nature lover, or simply a parent looking for a rhythmic bedtime story, Fish on the Move is sure to delight.

  • Signature first edition 
  • 6 x 9, 20 page hardcover
  • Beautiful acrylic spreads with ocean wildlife, migratory maps, and more
  • Illustrated and designed in Duxbury, MA

The author's hope is that the publication of Fish on the Move will provide parents and teachers with a simple way to educate young children about striped bass, while supporting fishery preservation.

Customer Testimonials

"Coming from a family that loves to fish particularly on Cape Cod I was very happy to come across this book and it turned out to be a great find! I gave it to my 7 year old son and we both enjoyed the content and illustrations. He liked it so much, he also brought it to school for sharing with his class. I hope there will be more follow on books about fisheries written at a child's level. Highly recommend!" - Rachel from Massachusetts 

"Ordered three copies for my 6 grandsons (3 families, 2 boys each, ages 3 - 11). They all loved the book. Beautifully illustrated, written to be understandable, the book has a good message about conserving this fishery. My highest recommendation." - Charles from New Jersey 

"As a die-hard striper fisherman, scuba diver, marine biologist, and Middle School biology teacher this book is both true to the beach and scientifically accurate! Best of all, it is perfectly simplified for young explorers to understand, especially with the wonderfully realistic illustrations!" - Ed from Long Island 

"This is a great book! It definitely captures the life of a striped bass is a way the keeps a child's attention. My boy also loved the pictures in this book, they are fantastic." - Richard from Maine


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