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New children's book explains the striped bass migration, educates next generation of fisherman 

Fish on the Move: The story of the striped bass migration - by Jeremy Pallai

Duxbury, MA - August 25, 2015

Written specifically for young children, Fish On the Move outlines the migratory habits of Atlantic striped bass. Our next generation of fisherman follow this iconic fish up the east coast and back again; learning about the fish's origins, diet, and migratory habits along the way.

Author Jeremy Pallai wrote and conceptualized the book while on sabbatical from a Boston based technology company.

An avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast, Jeremy was looking for a way to share his excitement about the spring and fall "blitzes" with his three young children.

Jeremy enlisted his mother and talented artist, Jean Leary Pallai, to illustrate the book. Inspired by her idyllic New England hometown of Duxbury, MA, Jean painted a series of beautiful acrylic spreads with ocean wildlife, migratory maps, and classic coastal scenery.

"If you are a fisherman on the east coast you'll know that last season was an awful one for the striped bass fishery. It was a scary reminder of the importance of conservation and another primary motivation for writing this book", said the author.

It is Jeremy's hope that the publication of Fish on the Move will provide parents and teachers with a simple way to educate young children about striped bass, while supporting fishery conservation.

Whether you're an avid fisherman, nature lover, or simply a parent looking for a rhythmic bedtime story, Fish on the Move is sure to delight.

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